Nordseeinsel Wangerooge: Short description (Engl.)

Welcome to our English-speaking visitors!

We would like to introduce our island to you. Let yourself be carried away to…


a tiny dot on the map, but a famous holiday resort amongst Germans, awaits to be discovered by foreign guests. Many islanders speak English fluently, so language is no reason for staying away!

How to get there

Your journey starts at Harlesiel, a small mainland port. Wangerooge is tidal, therefore the ferries take off at different times every day. After a 50minutes’ voyage, you arrive at Wangerooge jetty, about 2,5 miles away from the village you aim for. A little island train connects harbour and village. For timetables see
You could also reach Wangerooge by air: At Harlesiel, there is an airport from where scheduled flights are available hourly between sunrise and sunset (excluding a midday-break). You are requested to book your seats at least one week in advance (phone 49 4464 94810).

Free of cars

Many tourists - families, elderly people and others - also enjoy a stay at Wangerooge because the only petrol-fuelled cars on the island are owned by the fire-brigade, the sea life and other rescue organisations. Otherwise only very few electric vehicles are allowed. To see all the sights, you walk or rent a bike. What a change from your normal life!

The beach

The Easternmost of the East Frisian Islands covers less than 2sqm and offers a broad beach with very fine white sand, only a few yards away from the village centre, shops and holiday accommodations. Although summers tend to be less hot than in other parts, shelters against the burning sun (or against cool winds) are often wanted on the beach and are provided by Wangerooge’s spa administration. About 1.300 "Strandkörbe” (literally: "beach baskets”) may be rented there. Perhaps you would like to follow German tourists’ example and create sand castles around "your” beach-basket - great fun especially for families with small children! If you feel like cooling down, why not enjoy a brisk swim in the North Sea? During the holiday season DLRG life-guards take care of your safety while you are swimming. If you want to bring your pet, there is a designated area for you at the Eastern end of the beach.

Natural landscape

Wangerooge is situated within the boundaries of the nature reserve "Lower Saxonian Waddensea”, therefore the access to some parts of the island is limited. After having left the ferry, a little island train passes the otherwise no-go area and takes you right to Wangerooge’s train station. From your window you watch seals and hares, seagulls, oyster-catchers and rare plants swaying in the wind only a few yards away. Enjoy a stroll along the beach or on top of the dykes that surround Wangerooge and you are also invited to walk along signposted paths through the dunes. Why not explore Wangerooge by bicycle also? And for those who love the wildlife: Don’t forget to bring your binoculars!

Sports and entertainment

During the Wangerooge tourist season (between April and October) the spa administration employs a sports coach who invites you to participate in gymnastics on the beach and in running events, aerobic-workouts, beachsoccer and other tournaments. In summer, you find a couple of beachvolleyball-sites on the beach as well. Come and join your fellow-tourists playing there! Surfing, sailing and tennis are also available.
Most guests prefer swimming to any other sports activities. If you don’t care for cool North Sea water temperatures, a heated indoor pool awaits you all year through and an additional outdoor one in summer. You are also invited to visit our newly refurbished sauna!
If you feel more like painting or sculpting figures, why not try it over here? You could choose from watercolour and acrylic painting, creating pictures with mussel-shells, sand and other natural materials, drawing and lots more. Thus, you or your children might bring home unique souvenirs!
Evening entertainment is provided also: There are concerts and exhibitions, comedy entertainment, films about Wangerooge and islanders performing in shanty- or gospel-choirs, folkdance-groups and others. Kids enjoy watching clowns, magicians and acrobats - if they don’t join new friends playing on the beach!

Old Lighthouse

Wangerooge has a couple of landmarks, the most famous being the Old Lighthouse close to the island train station. In its garden you will find a locomotive steam engine which used to ride here for many decades in the first half of the 20th century. Also, visit our small island museum with very interesting exhibits and the platform on top of the Old Lighthouse which offers a magnificent view over Wangerooge, the neighbouring islands and the mainland close by. Since 1996, way up the steep staircase brides and grooms are wedded in a very small registrar’s office. About 300 couples a year marry here and enjoyed the romantic, cosy yet solemn atmosphere. For further information seeLeuchtturmhochzeit

Accommodations, restaurants & shops

Wangerooge offers a broad variety of accommodations, from comfortable hotels to snug B&Bs. Since many many families visit the island, holiday flats of all standards are often required. Our tourist brochure includes their addresses (available in German only) and may be downloaded here The staff at Tourist Service Verkehrsverein will be happy to assist in finding just the right holiday accommodation for you. Please contact them at
Restaurants, bistros and cafés, German or Italian food, modern or home-made cooking, pizzas, fish, icecream or pancakes to take away: During the tourist season there is something to everyone’s liking offered on the island (from November to March many restaurants are closed). Sea-food is to be recommended especially!
Strolling through Wangerooge village, you will be amazed to find such an amazing number of shops on so small an island. And indeed: You could buy anything from groceries, clothes, toys and books (in English, too!) to cosmetics, jewellery and - of course - island souvenirs. Most of the shops are open all year. So, never mind if you forgot to bring your swimsuit or your rubber boots!

Come and find out what is behind the island saying:

"God created time, He never mentioned haste”!